Live Your Best Life.

Luxury. Fabulous female pulled up in a fancy car next to her private jet ready to take on the day.
Luxury. Fabulous female pulled up in a fancy car next to her private jet ready to take on the day.
Photo by Chalo Garcia from Pexels

I think about what I’m doing to prepare for my badass life often.

And I think about how my career and passion for travel has better prepared me for the life I want and the life that I’m creating, especially now as a proud working mom of 3 year-old twin boys.

I’ve spent 12 years in aviation. I’ve worked the entire lifecycle that puts a Boeing 777 in the air, including production, certification, functional and flight test, and the actual delivery of the airplane to an airline — which is in fact as complex as delivering an actual baby. Many of those years were spent flying around the world (yes, often times in fabulous business class, and staying in the fanciest of hotels, and entertaining with a fat expense account), and working closely with customers to solve complex problems and pitch technical solutions, which required me to bring my best self to whatever time zone and dynamic environment (sometimes surprising…hello, India) needed me, while avoiding (minimizing) jet lag. …

Job Loss & Leveling Up

Big changes call for, well, big changes. Here’s what you need to focus to get through it with success.

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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Okay, people, it’s coffee talk time. I know you’re in a hard season. Me too.

But I’m here to remind of you of a few key things you can start doing today to see it through.

These tips won’t take a lot of time to implement and will effectively help you grow through whatever you’re going through, so you can get back to living your best life.

First, it’s imperative that you start viewing your circumstance as an opportunity.

As soon as you adopt this mindset you start to energize your mind and body around all the goodness that will come because of and after this significant life transition. …

Live Your Best Life

From me to you, with love

Ladies celebrating with champagne toast.
Ladies celebrating with champagne toast.
Image by Globovy from Getty Images

It’s my birthday today!!!

I love celebrating all birthdays. Not only because they offer the perfect reason to pop some champagne, but also because they’re often a time of reflection.

As I reflect on the glorious life I’ve lived to date, I couldn’t help but think about the many (mostly recent) life lessons that continue to propel me into the best version of myself, and I wanted to gift them to you as well. Because what’s a party without gifts?

  1. Love your life loudly. But do it in a way that brings people up in the process, and doesn’t make anyone feel small (think: more Oprah, less Kanye West). …

Personal Branding Like a Boss

Prepare these tools before you need them and you’ll be ready for your next step towards success.

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Photo by Bookblock on Unsplash

Hello, hi, nice to see you again, let’s bring it in and have a quick pep talk about YOU.

Whether you’re looking for a job, facing a major life or career transition, having an identity crisis, feel stuck, or just plain want more; you need to be able to articulate who you are, what you want and what you’re looking for, especially as you ask for help.

Do you have a personal brand?

Trick question. Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand. And if you’re not owning your personal brand, other people and circumstances will.

My opinion? Own it. Own it loud and proud. …

Skip the pity party and get excited about this next phase!

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Photo by Juan Camilo Navia on Unsplash

I got laid off one week ago*.

Today, I moved my fine ass out of my old office, and I am officially saying hello to my new bigger and better future.

Closure is so important, and this was a key action for me.

I also made a Boss Lady playlist that I’ve been blasting all day, and I must say, it’s the perfect soundtrack as I transition into my new life. And yes, it’s for your listening pleasure too. …

I Love Myself.

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Photo by Dean Drobot

It’s my birthday month. Yes, MONTH.

PS: If you are not yet celebrating your day of birth all month long, you are missing out.

I live for a reason to celebrate and pop more Champagne, and when November rolls around, it’s on. …

Get Your Mind Right & Live Your Champagne Life

Two women with glasses of champagne in the sun living their best life.
Two women with glasses of champagne in the sun living their best life.
Photo by Jacob Lund from Unsplash

Every once in a while I have to remind myself that I’m tougher than my circumstances.

Especially when I find myself in the thick of it, like now: Hello, 2020 the year of challenge and growth, nice to see you again. I’m in a hard and exhausting season y’all, and I know so many of you are feeling this too. It sucks being a parent-adult-human right now, in what I’m sure we will refer to as “That Pandemic/Election Year That Almost Destroyed Me, But Didn’t!!!” in the future. This is not easy.

But deep down I know that I can knock out anything life throws my way, because I have proven to myself time and time again how powerful my thoughts are, and I believe I will. …

Live Your Champagne Life

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Photo by Pechov from GettyImages

I have a secret to tell you, that should really be something we all scream from the rooftops: the biggest difference between living a basic life versus an exceptional life is MINDSET.

It is that simple. Mindset drives every action and in-action you make. Having the right mindset is everything because it’s the single most important contributor that dictates whether or not you actualize your full potential, and live your best life. The good news? We have more control over our mindset than we think, and we can actually train our brains to be better about this. How do I know? Well, it’s brain science. …

Lost your job? Congratulations, you’re a free agent!

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I got laid off *this week due to COVID-19.

And I’m officially a Free Agent.

While it wasn’t completely shocking…given all the things going on at my prior company and the state of the world…it still sucked. But guess what? I truly believe it was for the better because I NEVER want to stay in a situation where I’m not wanted, needed or utilized to my full potential and you shouldn’t either. Plus, I believe that closed doors are always opportunities, and you should too.

We’re not always granted opportunities to truly reevaluate everything. And if you’ve ever been in a lay-off situation or a major life/career change that seemed to come out of the left-field, then you know what I’m talking about, and I intend to continue to treat it as a glorious opportunity because it’s given me back life’s greatest gift: Time. Time to re-evaluate everything and to spend it exactly as I damn well please until I figure out where and how to invest my talents next. …

Dear Mamas, I see you.

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Photo by Andrea Hammer, Blushing Rose Photography

Dear Mamas,

I hope your coffee is strong.
I hope whatever work you do alongside your momming fills your cup.
I hope you laugh a lot.
I hope you have many Champagne moments.
I hope you always prioritize your health (mental, physical & spiritual).
I hope you make time for intimacy.
I hope you have a hobby, or a few.
I hope you give yourself grace.
I hope your tears are for joy, and when they’re not I hope what’s causing them doesn’t last long.
I hope you slow down, at least enough to not miss the things that you truly care about.
I hope you ask for help.
I hope you find and cultivate your tribe, and if you don’t I hope you create one.
I hope you listen to you intuition.
I hope you dream big; too-embarrassing-to-say-out-loud, Big.
I hope you make time for friends.
I hope you make time for yourself.
I hope you continue to tell yourself how proud you are of yourself and the life you’ve created.
I hope you experience many small moments of joy, which after all are the big moments that really matter.
I hope you forgive yourself.
I hope you let mom guilt only last a moment.
I hope you always ask for what you need.
I hope you stop comparing yourself to others.
I hope you let all the moments of challenge and failure fuel you and redirect you to where and who you want and need to be.
I hope you share your stories, and especially your struggles.
I hope you love your life loudly, and with reckless abandon. …


Danielle Vardaro

Creative. Feminist. Champagne Lover. Proud Working Mom of Twins. I write about ways to live our best lives & actualize our full potential, and bubbles. CHEERS!

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